Welcome to SILVERINGOTS.COM, a website dedicated exclusively to silver ingots produced by the United States Government. My name is Ken Conaway and I have been collecting United States Government silver ingots since 2008. Serious study began some time later, however after over a decade of research, I have as many questions as answers about these rarities. 

Fine silver ingots were produced at United States Government facilities in Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, New York and Denver, from 1892 through 1984. In my ongoing effort to accurately date, chronologically organize and catalogue examples, I've all but exhausted efforts to locate Mint or Assay Office records that document any original production information. While useful in my research, those records would not help determine the number that might remain in existence today; I am confident that the silver spot run-ups took their toll on remaining population. At a silver spot average of less than $1.00 during almost the entire 93-year production run, 1892 through 1984, it is a wonder that any United States Government silver ingots exist today at all given the run-up of silver spot in 1980 to almost $50.

For my research over the years, I’ve used major auction archives including Goldberg, Heritage, Holabird-Kagin and Stack's Bowers, which provide information dating back to the early 2000's. I’ve paged through countless smaller auction company catalogs, and studied eBay, iCollector and WorthPoint completed listings. More recently, the Newman Numismatic Portal at Washington University in St. Louis now provides access to thousands of auction records and historical numismatic literature.  (See https://nnp.wustl.edu/)  And finally, I’ve gathered information from numerous coin dealers and the few fellow master collectors of United States Government silver ingots over the years.  I catalogue every United States Government silver ingot that I can find information on or a photo of, dated after 1980. After that run-up to almost $50, numismatic value slowly began to overtake bullion value and I believe that random melt all but ended.   

All of this to assemble information and build the registries you will find in SILVERINGOTS.COM under the individual Mints or Assay Office dropdowns. Every ingot pictured in SILVERINGOTS.COM is part of The United States Government Silver Ingot Collection of Ken Conaway, unless otherwise noted. All photos, registries and writings are protected by copyright and cannot legally be copied or republished without permission. Sign up below to receive notices of new articles and please enjoy your visit to SILVERINGOTS.COM  

Questions and comments should be directed to me at kenconaway@aol.com or the number below.