San Francisco - 25 oz Class Cast Ingots

25 oz class cast ingots appear chronologically after the sheared plate ingots. The lowest serial number ingots in this series are marked with the Type III oval hallmark found on the sheets of pure silver that sheared plate ingots are cut from. Low two digit numbers begin this series but No 1267 appears much later in the numerical range with the Type III oval hallmark. The registry shows the uniqueness of the Type III hallmark at this point in the range of serial numbers.

No. 91 is the lowest number I have seen with the Type II hallmark, Lot No. 1 matches the earliest Type III examples and helps to tie everything together that you will see in the registry from Type III to Type II to round dated hallmarks.

The 1960 round dated hallmark below represents one of only four known to exist and one of only two with serial numbers. For the last year of production, this remain one of the most elusive dated hallmark silver ingots produced at San Francisco.