San Francisco - The LOAF

Shaped like a loaf of bread and struck with the only United States Mint San Francisco round undated hallmark that I have ever seen, this non-serial numbered, 27.32 oz example is truly one of a kind. Mint Of The United States At San Francisco silver ingots generally fit into series typical molds with variances coming from thickness of the pour.  In all other series, except as noted below, when a non-typical casting appears, it is used multiple times. The LOAF casting is only found this one time.

As noted above, the round hallmark is also unique in that it is the only example known to exist that does not contain a date within the round hallmark above the eagle vignette.

The only other uniquely shaped ingot, cast by the Mint Of The United States At San Francisco, that I am aware of is CYBERCOIN.NET Blaine Shiff's the CUBE.