New York - 45 oz Class Ingots

United States Assay Office New York 45 oz class ingots can be found from 1908 through 1957 and is actually the most common class listed on the United States Assay Office New York Registry. Thirty six of the fifty nine registry entries fall into this class but being the most common on the registry does not mean that they are not extremely rare. As with all United States Assay Office New York silver ingots, there appears to have been a higher level of care in their production, from casting to stamping. The doubled 1957 hallmark is the only ingot I have ever seen double-struck.

It is difficult to capture the brick-like feel of these ingots in a picture.  +/-45 ozs at approximately 2 inches wide by almost 4 inches long and over 1 inch thick; that sure feels like a silver brick. 

1949, 1952 and by far 1957 are the most common years, others are much more rare and only found in very limited number. 1928 is the oldest 45 oz class ingot in the United States Government Silver Ingot Collection of Ken Conaway and is pictured below. The earliest examples have the weight on the obverse, later examples have it on the right side facing. 

The ingot serial number 2894 is on the leading edge facing and the lot number 20 is on the top edge facing.