New York - The 1919 Ingot

The 1919 United States Assay Office New York silver ingot No. 4186, 6.27 ozs & Melt No. 7 is one of the most noteworthy, early United States Government silver ingots known to exist. By far, this ingot has the most distinguished provenance of any United States Government silver ingot in existence. The first owner on record of this ingot was Dan Brown of Dan Brown's Coin Shop in Denver, CO. Clarence Criswell acquired it from Dan Brown in the early 1970's,  and held it in his United States Government silver ingot collection until it was sold at the 1984 American Numismatic Association Convention Auction by Kurt R. Kruger in Detroit, MI July 28 - 30, 1984.  

Thanks to Bryce Brown's Auction Catalogs, I have been able to acquire an original American Numismatic Association Convention Auction catalog as well as an original Settlement Price Sheet from the Detroit 1984 ANA auction, adding to the provenance of this ingot.  

The hallmark placement, rotation and strike, as well as all other markings, including the weight, serial and lot numbers are superb.  The weight of 6.27 ozs is on the right side facing.

The ingot serial number 4186 is on the leading edge facing, the melt number 7 is on the top edge facing and the reverse is blank.