New York - The 1902 Ingot

The "1902" United States Assay Office New York silver ingot No. 1788, 11.16 ozs & Melt 682 is by far the most unique ingot in the entire United States Government Silver Ingot Collection of Ken Conaway. The Type I hallmark is not dated, but a range can be established with information in the United States Assay Office New York Registry, of 1892 through 1909. Beyond that the reverse provides additional insight into dating this ingot.

The reverse has been milled to a perfectly smooth surface. I am not an antique photo expert but the finished product is reminiscence of tintype photos I saw years ago. The engraving seems to be celebrating the pictured couple's 25th wedding anniversary by giving a specific date of October 9th, and two different years, 1877 and 1902. 

I call this the 1902 Ingot but the date is based on a documented range in time for a United States Assay Office New York Type I hallmark, and the 25th anniversary inscription on the reverse.