San Francisco - 5 oz class Type I, Large Font #, w/ Straight Stem Nines

Early auction catalogs never included photos of silver ingots but based on listings with 999.5 fineness in the late 1930's, and the matching large font of this series, I place Type I oval hallmark, large font serial number with straight stem nines in 999.5 fineness, second in chronological order. 

This series is always stamped with the weight on the reverse, similarly to the first. The weight font is consistent throughout the series, the OZS font changes on the higher serial numbers from three similarly sized capital letters like those pictured above, to a capital OZ and a smaller s with two dots underneath it like the pictures below. 

The numerical range of this series spans from the mid-1600's to the mid-1900's and all that I have been able to examine are marked on the leading edge facing with Lot 6. Ingots without a lot number within this series in the registry, are listed that way because the information I found on them did not include designation of a lot number. 

The United States Government Silver Ingot Collection of Ken Conaway, 5 oz Class Type I Oval Hallmark, Large Font Serial Number with Straight Stem Nines.