San Francisco - Unique Examples

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco, Type I Oval hallmark, small font serial number 1668, with straight stem nines in 999.5 fineness stands out for a number of reasons. Most obvious is the Lucite encasement which made this example extremely difficult to photograph. The encasement is perfectly clear and given the frozen in time condition of the ingot, it must have been done immediately after production. The weight of 10.06 ozs is also very rare; while other 10 oz range ingots exist, I have found no other ingots at all with small font serial numbers and straight stem nine fineness and no lot number. Truly one of a kind.

The next photograph is an ingot remnant; the hallmark was salvaged from a larger example and utilized to create a unique post government production, 4 .62 oz ingot.  The No. 504 is stamped on the trailing edge facing. 

The final photograph is something I found for sale during my early research and I thought it was worthy of inclusion here on SILVERINGOTS.COM even though it is not part of the United States Government Silver Ingot Collection of Ken Conaway. The photograph is from the listing. 

I do not know if it is an original government stamping or not since there are no other similar letters used on any silver ingot produced by the United States Mint San Francisco that would have predated the "LAST INGOT CAST", and when I found it, the seller had no provenance. Determining if it was stamped by the United States Mint San Francisco or later is near impossible but an appropriate last San Francisco photograph non the less.