New York - The 1920 Punch Die

1920-NYAO-Silver-Ingot 1920-NYAO-Punch-Die

The 1920 United States Assay Office New York silver ingot No. 182, 6.61 ozs & Melt No. 653 has long been one of my most priced ingots. The opportunity to reunite it with an original 1920 United States Assay Office New York punch die has resulted in the single most important historical ensemble of my entire collection. 

Thanks to Heritage Auctions and Mark Van Winkle in particular, for a private placement into the United States Government Silver Ingot Collection Of Ken Conaway that allowed the punch die to remain uncancelled.  Detailing of the die itself remains immaculate after 100 years.


The other end of the punch die has not fared as well, completely mushroomed from striking.  Hard to imagine the force it took to strike the punch die hard enough to result in this damage, but the end hallmarking the ingot remains perfect, a testament to the understanding of metallurgy even 100 years ago.